General information: I am a Simple person id like to say I have a lot of Time placed in Minecraft and other things Laying around Minecraft like mods coding and such I do not do a lot of coding I am still Learning and Finding my way around Programming


Minecraft User:Voidix514

Location: I do not feel safe Giving my location out

Staff referral:None

How Have you been playing:I have played for a whole day if more is needed please let me know

How long can you be on the server:I can Play daily for 1 hour or more at a time

I have no active report mutes bans kicks or anything of the sort on Lunar mc

Ive decided to apply because I have a lot of time on my hands and would like to spend it some where

If I see two player arguing in chat First as a member id try to calm the two down if that dosnt work I would contact a mod or admin to handle it further

To handle two players arguing as a staff member I would first mute them both And Speak to them privately and find out what it is about
and Have them settle it Correctly And help them understand why it happened and how to prevent it

My personal Infermation/idea's to add would be To Add some Starters And Add a few more Ranks such as Ranks attainable by money From ingame money that is

I Hope You guys have a great day and accept my application I will be waiting to hear back from you soon From Void