Patriotz's Moderator Application (Pixelmon)

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Here I am, applying for staff after promising myself not to play pixelmon. The experience I have had is phenomenal though, so yeah. Wohooo.

General Information
Minecraft Username: <Patriotz>
Age: <I'm kind of known for this, (don't judge) 12, but I am mature.>
Location/Timezone: <I am currently is the US East Coast, meaning I am in Eastern Standard Time.>
Staff referral (refer to the requirement section before filling out this part, False referral answer will be an instant deny) <While being staff on other minecraft servers, my best feat is that I am a current Manager of Apexay's Discord. Apexay is a Youtuber with 150,000 subscribers. The discord has over 10,000 players and to work myself up to Manager, I had to do a lot of the same.>

1. How long have you been playing on the server that you are applying for?: <Been short, but it seems so long. I have been playing for a week and a half now.>
2. How often can you play on the server?: <On weekdays, from 4:00 to 8:00. When I have some things, I will not be on. On weekdays it varies but mostly for the whole day.>
3. Do you have any active reports or bans against you within LunarRisingMC? (If so Explain why): <Nope, I have not been warned yet infact.>
4. Why have you decided to apply? (In Detail):​ <I couldn't of enjoyed my small experience so far more. The one thing I like more than playing on something is helping something. I feel my maturity and veteran experience could also help the server to be clean, and happy. After all the point is to let people have fun. Without someone there to stop people who aren't fans of clean fun, the server can change. Helping it out is one thing, changing it for better is another, and that is what I think I can do.>
5. You see two players argue and spamming the chat, what do you do?: <Unless it is unneeded, I would always try to follow guideline. But if it is in a situation I can't, I first simply warn them both and give a stern warning. If it continues, and I have to make a call, I mute them shortly. This will give them time to resolve it somewhere outside the server. If they STILL continue, I will mute them for a larger amount of time. Even when they are unmuted, I will continue to keep my eye on them. >
6. Do you have any information to add: <Well, I'm 12. I think you got that though. I look forward to trying to help even if I'm denied!>

I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set-forth above(Agree/Disagree): <Agree>
Posted Feb 25, 18 · OP
Congratulations @Patriotz !

You have been Accepted as a <staff rank applied for>. You will be placed on a Trial period, so we can evaluate what you bring to the team. We are eager to see what you can accomplish. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a member of Council, so we can help you out! Please view these guidelines; you will need them!

Best Regards
-LunarRisingMC Council

You will be added to the roster, forum group, and invited to the discord staff group within the next 24-48 hours.
Posted Mar 6, 18