(I'm not sure if this thread goes here or in the Showcase board. The Showcase one sounds like it's specifically for builds on the server but if this should go over there then feel free to move it!)

So I wanted to try my hand at editing textures and decided to make a mareep with black wool instead of white.
It looks like there's a few stray pixels, not sure if that's the texture or my game.
But otherwise I'm pretty pleased with it. I have the idea of having mareep covering all the different colours of wool that there is in minecraft and then having the ability to dye them or breed them to mix colours (like a red and blue mareep would make a purple one). So I'll work on it a bit more and then submit it to the Pixelmon Generations forum to see what they think! If it doesn't get in, maybe I can find someone who knows how to make mods, or I could learn how to make my own hm.