The first thing you want to do is make sure you have an Enjin account. If you don’t already have an account with Enjin you can always create one. This can be done by going to Enjin’s main website or any Enjin based website. For this, we will use the Minecraft server’s website. www.LunarRisingMC.com (If you are reading this you should already be here), Once here you want to direct to the top right corner of the website.

You will be directed to a screen that looks like this:

Once you have successfully logged into Enjin you should see you account in the top right like I do here.

Now that you are logged into your account, click on your name a within this popup menu click “Profile.” This is where you will be able to edit many aspects of your profile, however, the most important are adding a character.

This is what my profile looks like. I have customized mine, however, if you have a default account you will see something a little different than this. What we are looking for is at the bottom left where is says “Characters.”

If you have no characters added to your account you will see a blank area like this. Click the “Add Character” button in the top right of the box to add any characters that you may have.

There will be a prompt that pops up that says “Game.” You should type in “Minecraft” and then the top option should be “Minecraft (PC).” Click this one and follow the below steps.

Within the Minecraft client, you want to Direct Connect to the Enjin server. Once you join the server you will be prompted with a code within the chat and shortly after be kicked from the server with the code there in the screen.

After entering the code into the prompt you should see your Minecraft character pop up as I did.

Now that you have your Minecraft character connected, you should click the “Join Website” button located on the right side of the LunarRisingMC website.

Or located in the drop down menu referenced earlier.

When you click the button, your picture should change to the face of your Minecraft character. This shows you that you have joined the website with an account that has a Minecraft character properly added to the account.