Builder Application

A Builder's job on our new minecraft server will be to create portions of our server like the spawn, shops, and future creations like seasonal designs or minigames. Builders will be sectioned off by the build-lead to create what they are best suited to make whether that is buildings, landscaping, or interior design.

Before you apply please read this post fully for some key tips for making your application spot on!

    Mature and Responsible
    Must be official LunarRisingMC member
    Knowledge of LunarRisingMC’s rules
    Must be active on the server as much as possible
    Put the server name at the end of the title
“Malefic’s Application [skyblock]”
Must have Discord

    Follow the Lead Builders instructions
    Create high-quality work
    Create builds without copying other people
    When the server is open set an example for other players in terms of appropriate non-abusive chat
    Finish projects within the deadline set for you by Lead Builder or other relevant LunarRisingMC Staff

Testing Period:
In order to be accepted, you must have 1 of 2 requirements met
    Screenshots or a video of a prior build of high enough quality in your application
    There will be set dates on certain weekends in which all applicants not meeting requirement 1 will show high quality builds in the server and then be accepted or denied.

Application Template:
Below is the Official Format to be followed when applying. If you do not follow this format your application will be DENIED and you will not be able to apply for another two weeks.
If you are found copying others Builder applications you will be DENIED.

[b][size=6][u][color=black]General Information[/color][/u][/size][/b] [b][size=4]Minecraft Username:[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=4]Age:[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=4]Location/Timezone:[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=6][u][color=black]Questionaire[/color][/u][/size][/b] [b][size=4]2. How often can you play on the server?:[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=4]3. Do you have any active reports or bans against you within LunarRisingMC? (If so Explain why):[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=4]4. Why have you decided to apply? (In Detail):​[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=4]5. Any links or screenshots of past builds?(if not that is fine but you will have to go through a testing period):[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][size=4]6. Do you have any information to add:[/size][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i] [b][color=red][size=4]I hereby agree to follow the guidelines set-forth above(Agree/Disagree):[/size][/color][/b] [i]<Answer Here>[/i]

How will my application be accepted? How will I know?
You will receive a private message from Administration about your application and further instructions. If we think you would be a good candidate for the position, we will inform you via private message that you are being considered. This does not mean your application is accepted or denied. This just means that we think that you would be good for the position but you might need some work.

I would also like to clear some things up, please understand that messaging us, asking to view your application will end up getting your application DENIED.
Please do not give out any personal information when applying, this is to keep your privacy secure. If we need such information we will contact you about it.